How far is orlando to cocoa beach

Is there a shuttle from Orlando to Cocoa Beach?

Cocoa Beach Shuttle is central Florida’s premier professional transportation service connecting Orlando International Airport, the cruise ships of Port Canaveral, the Orlando area theme parks, and Cocoa Beach.

How much is a taxi from Orlando to Cocoa Beach?

The quickest way to get from Orlando Airport (MCO) to Cocoa Beach is to shuttle and taxi which costs $80 – $95 and takes 53 min.

Which beach is better cocoa or Clearwater?

Cocoa Beach is a nice place, and the beach is OK, but it’s only advantage, considering your ‘wish list’, is that it is a shorter, and easier drive. … Also, if this is a weekday trip, Clearwater will be no problem, but if a weekend, parking can be very hard to find and traffic can back-up getting to the beach.

How do I get from Orlando to Cocoa Beach?

There is no direct connection from Orlando to Cocoa Beach. However, you can take the bus to Melbourne, Fl then take the taxi to Cocoa Beach. Alternatively, you can take the drive to Cocoa Beach.

Why is Cocoa Beach famous?

The Cocoa Beach boardwalk stretches 800 feet over the Atlantic Ocean. Besides giving you a swell view of the beach, it’s brimming with shops, restaurants and boutiques. Don’t miss noshing on a juicy fish sandwich at the Atlantic Ocean Grille. Cocoa Beach’s iconic Ron Jon Surf Shop is the world’s largest surf shop.

Is Cocoa Beach nice?

Cocoa Beach is a really nice beach, no car traffic, very family friendly. Port Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center are nearby. I have been going to Cocoa Beach for many years and it is still my favorite beach to go to in the area where I live. Cocoa beach is a really nice place to live with children or not.

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Can you uber from Orlando Airport?

ORLANDO (CBSMiami) – Officials at Orlando International Airport voted Wednesday on new rules that will allow ride-sharing companies to pick up passengers at terminals. For years, restrictions have been in place for services like Uber and Lyft.

Where is the closest beach to Orlando?

Cocoa Beach

What airport do you fly into for Cocoa Beach Florida?

Melbourne International Airport

Is the water clear in Cocoa Beach?

Go to Cocoa Beach Pier or Patrick Air Force Base and you can spot surfers. Those photos will show plumes of brownish water from breaking waves or rip currents. In other environments, rips will be clear water; with us, it’s almost invariably murky, occasionally with floating seaweed.

Does Cocoa Beach have white sand?

Atlantic Beach Sand Diversity

I think you’ll enjoy the diversity of beach sand found all over Florida and will appreciate that a beach doesn’t have to have white sand to be beautiful. Cocoa Beach has a light gray-brown colored sand and is one of the most popular family vacation beaches in Florida.

Which is better New Smyrna Beach or Cocoa Beach?

New Smyrna allows driving on the sand due to the type of sand they have (a car won’t get stuck) Cocoa Beach has sugar sand and is too soft to have cars drive on it. Also the Atlantic Ocean clears up as you go south, so I believe the water is clearer in Cocoa Beach than in New Smyrna.

Is it safe to swim in Cocoa Beach?

Cocoa Beach is a very popular place to not only surf, but swim, too. There can be no waves, moderate waves, or strong waves. … Many swimmers and surfers share the water at Cocoa Beach and other beaches in Florida. The danger is more in the type of current (rip tides) and wave action.

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Are there sharks at Cocoa Beach?

Shark Species Swimming Near Cocoa Beach

They are common along the east coast of Florida and juvenile bull sharks frequent the coast from Palm Beach, Florida to Daytona Beach, Florida. … Spinner sharks 2 to 4-feet-long are present off of Cocoa Beach, primarily around, and just beyond, the wave break.

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