How far is long beach from anaheim

How far is Long Beach from Disneyland?

16 miles

How far is Anaheim from Long Beach California?

16.72 miles

How long is the drive from Long Beach to Anaheim?

Distance between Long Beach and Anaheim is 26 kilometers (16 miles). Driving distance from Long Beach to Anaheim is 41 kilometers (26 miles).

Estimated Travel Time Between Long Beach and Anaheim.Average SpeedTravel Time60 mph (97 km/h)00 hours 25 minutes70 mph (112 km/h)00 hours 22 minutes

How do I get from Long Beach to Disneyland?

Take the Long Beach 102 bus heading east to the Norwalk/Wardlow stop. From the Northeast corner, take Orange County Bus Route 46 east to the Ball/Cast stop. Board Orange County Bus Route 430 heading east to the Harbor-East Shuttle Area in Anaheim. The Disneyland Resort is approximately a 2 minute walk from this stop.

What is the closest beach to Disneyland?

Newport Beach’s

How much is a taxi from Long Beach Airport to Disneyland?

Actually there is a Flat Taxi Rate FROM Long Beach Airport to the Disneyland area, $45 plus tip. (LGB is located in LA County).

How far is Anaheim from Los Angeles?

24 miles

How far is Anaheim from Huntington Beach?

13.17 miles

Is there a shuttle from Long Beach Airport to Disneyland?

Karmel Shuttle can provide Long Beach transportation to the airport and beyond! We provide both shared ride shuttle services and private airport vans throughout the Long Beach area including Torrance, Redondo Beach, Lakewood and Bixby Knolls. Headed to Disneyland?

How much is uber from Disneyland to Long Beach Airport?

From LAX, Uber will likely cost around $50-70, depending upon traffic. From SNA, Uber will likely cost around $20-35.

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How far away is Long Beach Airport to Disneyland?

The total driving distance from LGB to Disneyland is 23 miles or 37 kilometers. Your trip begins at Long Beach Airport in Long Beach, California.

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