How far is bethany beach from ocean city md

How far is Bethany Beach from Ocean City?

14.12 miles

Which beach is better Rehoboth or Ocean City?

Ocean City has a larger selection of accommodations, more amusements, wider beaches, and longer boardwalk, etc. It’s a much bigger resort area with block after block of hotels & condos. Rehoboth has just a few hotels, more traditional cottages and vacation rentals, some just a short walk from the ocean.

Does Bethany Beach have a boardwalk?

The Bethany Beach Boardwalk stretches . 38 miles long and 12 feet wide offering a beautiful scenic stroll along the Delaware Coast Line.

Is Ocean City Md a nice place to live?

Ocean City is in Worcester County and is one of the best places to live in Maryland. Living in Ocean City offers residents an urban feel and most residents own their homes. In Ocean City there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

Is Bethany Beach a dry town?

Originally a dry town, Bethany Beach now has a limited number of establishments with liquor licenses.

What is the nicest beach in Delaware?

10 Best Beaches in Delaware

  • Broadkill Beach. Source: Ingveeh / Flickr. …
  • Lewes Beach. Source: Jon Bilous / shutterstock. …
  • Cape Henlopen State Park. Source: Jon Bilous / shutterstock. …
  • Fenwick Island. Source: Nouhailler / Flickr. …
  • South Bethany Beach. …
  • Bethany Beach. …
  • Delaware Seashore State Park. …
  • Dewey Beach.

Is Bethany Beach or Rehoboth better?

I recommend Rehoboth Beach as there is a good amount of restaurants within walking distance of downtown. … There are not a lot of shops or restaurants compared to Rehoboth. Bethany to me is the quieter town. There is a very small downtown district, quiet boardwalk, some restaurants and few attractions.

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Is Ocean City Expensive?

Cost of Living in Ocean City, Maryland

An amount below 100 means Ocean City is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means Ocean City, Maryland is more expensive.

Which is better Ocean City MD or NJ?

One big difference is the nightlife. While there are no bars or liquor licenses in the New Jersey version, there are close to 30 in OC, Md. Purcel also cited watersports, the beaches and boardwalk as attractions in her Ocean City, although to be fair, both have beaches, a boardwalk and plenty of water.

Can you swim at Bethany Beach?

This sandy beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean in the town of Bethany Beach, one of three towns together known as “The Quiet Resorts”. This public beach has lifeguards on duty. The swimming area is between the orange flags. During the summer, dogs are not permitted on the beach.

Is Bethany Beach nice?

We love Bethany Beach! The beaches are very clean and the lifeguards are extremely diligent. The boardwalk and it’s shops are very nice and charming. … The beach and boardwalk are superior to Ocean City.

Is alcohol allowed on Bethany Beach?

You must not: Possess glass bottles or containers on the beach. Consume or possess alcohol while on the beach. Allow dogs on the beach anytime from May 15th – September 30th.

Is Ocean City Maryland Safe 2019?

Every area of Ocean City is safe and this report shows that.” Maintaining Ocean City as a clean and safe resort is a pillar of the town’s mission statement and comprehensive plan and Council President Lloyd Martin said the annual report reveals the latter is being accomplished.

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What body of water is Ocean City?

Ocean City, resort town, Worcester county, southeastern Maryland, U.S. Ocean City lies along a 10-mile (16-km) barrier beach between a chain of bays (Sinepuxent, Isle of Wight, and Assawoman) and the Atlantic Ocean, 29 miles (47 km) east of Salisbury.

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