Las vegas to laguna beach driving time

How many hours does it take to get to Las Vegas by car?

four hours

How far is Laguna Beach from Las Vegas?

237 miles

How long does it take to drive from Las Vegas to California?

5 hours, 45 minutes

How long does it take to drive from Los Angeles to Laguna Beach?

1 hour, 3 minutes

What is the best time to drive from Las Vegas to LA?

Sometimes that four hour drive becomes seven hours. Sometimes it’s 4.5 hours. It really all depends on what was going on in Vegas that weekend. Bottom line: the best time to drive from Vegas to LA on a Sunday is before 9:30am or after 5:45pm.

How far is Vegas from LA driving?

270 miles

What California city is closest to Vegas?

I was told that 2 towns in CA that do livescan and are closest to Las Vegas are Baker and Barstow.

What California beach is closest to Las Vegas?

With a few days to spare here and there, these beaches are worth the less than 5-hour drive.

  • Hermosa Beach (4.5 Hours)
  • Santa Monica (4.5 hours)
  • Laguna Beach (4 hours)
  • Redondo Beach (4.5 hour Drive)
  • Manhattan Beach (4.5 hours)
  • San Diego (5 hours)

How far is Vegas from LA?

How close? That all depends on what part of the massive LA area you’re starting out from, but from city hall in downtown Los Angeles, it’s exactly 263 miles (or 424 kilometers), to the Las Vegas Strip, (specifically, Mandalay Bay). In normal traffic, it would take you approximately four hours to drive it by car.

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Does Route 66 go through Vegas?

Route 66 does not go to Las Vegas.

What is there to stop between Los Angeles and Las Vegas?

Nine Pit Stops on the Drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

  • Mormon Rocks. Your first stop should be Mormon Rocks, situated just off Route 66. …
  • Route 66. No Los Angeles to Las Vegas road trip would be complete without venturing onto Route 66, America’s most famous of roads. …
  • Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch. …
  • Calico Ghost Town. …
  • Peggy Sue’s ’50s Diner. …
  • Jenny Rose Sign. …
  • Baker. …
  • Lotto Shop.

Is driving in Los Angeles difficult?

Because of its size, it can be tough to navigate, especially in a way that minimizes the path through L.A.’s infamous traffic. Plus, the city has a few unique rules and customs even if you are used to driving in other large U.S. cities.

Which is better Laguna Beach or Malibu?

Malibu is all about sand and ocean. Laguna Beach is a town you can walk around in with shops and restaurants and art galleries. For the best overall southern california seaside experience, I’d recommend Laguna. For your price range, I recommend The Carriage House in Laguna Beach.

How far is Laguna Beach from Beverly Hills?

51 miles

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