Laguna beach songs from the show

Who sings the Laguna Beach theme song?

Hilary Duff – Come Clean

Did they drink alcohol on Laguna Beach?

Drinking. The Laguna Beach cast members were drunk in basically every scene; however, 12-year-old me thought those red plastic cups were just filled with soda.

Where is Tessa from Laguna Beach now?

After her days as the queen of season 3, Kyndra and her castmate Cami Edwards started an boutique jewelry line called Like Beau. The line has lived and died since then, but Kyndra is doing alright for herself. She is currently still living in Laguna Beach and is apparently a photographer.

What happened to Season 3 cast of Laguna Beach?

After season 3 of Laguna Beach fell flat without its original cast, the producers searched for a new town and launched a new spinoff, Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County. Unfortunately, it only lasted 12 episodes. Luckily, MTV had found a hit with The Hills, which aired for six seasons from 2006 to 2010.

Who was the richest on Laguna Beach?

Lauren Conrad’s

Are Kristin and Alex H still friends?

Kristin is still friends with Laguna Beach alum Alex H., but she doesn’t keep in touch with Jessica. During Laguna Beach, you had two on-screen BFFs — Alex H.

What was Tessa from Laguna Beach sick with?

While I was sick in bed blisters started to form around my mouth. When my dad came home and saw me, he rushed me to the ER. At the hospital I was diagnosed with Stevens Johnson Syndrome (a rare, life-threatening allergic reaction to medications or viruses that causes lesions to form on your skin and mucus membranes.)

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Was Laguna Beach real or scripted?

Unlike its successor, it was not scripted or fake–but it was highly produced, and there is a difference. The show’s creator, Liz Gateley, told TV Guide some “behind the scenes secrets,” from the casting of Kristin Cavallari (she missed her audition) to the cast’s hair and makeup (the show didn’t do that).

What happened to Rocky from Laguna Beach?

Rocky, one of Laguna’s “good girls,” has led a paparazzi-free life since graduating Laguna Beach High. A photograph of Rocky was included in an exhibit in 2008 called “Extraordinary Women.” She currently resides in San Diego and became engaged to Nathan Freischlag in May of 2011.

Who lives in Laguna Beach?

Richie Sambora, musician. Bette Midler, actress. Wyland, artist. Taco Bell CEO sells Laguna Beach home for $3.375 million in July 2015.

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