What is the water temperature at clearwater beach

What is the temperature of the water at Clearwater Beach today?

87.8 °F

Is Clearwater Beach water warm?

Why is Clearwater Beach the #1 Beach in the U.S.? Warm Gulf Waters. With our warm, Gulf waters, you can enjoy the #1 Beach in the U.S. year-round! Summer water temperatures average a balmy 82 – 88 degrees and even in winter, water temperatures generally hover near 70 degrees.15 мая 2019 г.

What is the water temperature of Tampa Bay?

No wonder the number one beach in the Continental US. is in our area: Fort De Soto, just a few minutes from our vacation rentals.

Average Temperature.MonthAverage HighWater TemperatureMarch76.2 (24.5 C°)69 (20.5 C°)April81.9 (27.7 C°)73 (22.8 C°)May87.1 (30.6 C°)79 (26.1 C°)June89.5 (31.9 C°)83 (28.3 C°)

Is it safe to swim in Clearwater Beach?

Clearwater Beach is a good place for swimming with younger children. The water has a gradual slope with a sandy bottom, the water usually doesn’t have a strong current, and there are lifeguards on duty. Having said that, you still need to be aware this is the Gulf and not a swimming pool.

Where is the prettiest water in Florida?

However surveys for the clearest water in Florida consistently rate The Emerald Coast as Number One. This esteemed title of clarity includes Destin, Miramar Beach, all the picturesque coastal villages along South Walton’s Scenic 30A and Panama City Beach.

Can you swim in Clearwater Beach Florida in December?

Related: What are the most popular tours in Clearwater? The water temperatures in December are around 68 degrees F or 20 degrees C. The locals don’t swim in the water unless it is very warm, but some of us from Canada and colder states will swim in the Gulf all winter if the weather is warm.

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Can you swim in Clearwater in April?

April is a hot and dry time for sunbathing in Clearwater Beach. April is a good month for swimming in Clearwater Beach with warm sea temperatures. Consider visiting Clearwater Beach in the months of April, May, September, October, for the best beach weather.

Is it warm enough to swim in Florida in April?

As a general rule, the water anywhere in Florida will be warm enough to swim between April and October. During the cooler months, the farther south you go, the warmer it will be.

How warm is the ocean water in Florida?

Just about anywhere in Florida, the ocean usually stays above 80 °F (27 °C) throughout summer. All along the entire Florida Gulf Coast the water’s consistently warm, with temperatures varying by only one or two degrees from beach to beach.

What water temperature is too cold to swim in?

This is explained in much greater detail in the section Why Cold Water is Dangerous. You should treat any water temperature below 70F with caution. Breathing begins to be affected. This is why the official water temperature required for Olympic swimming competition is 77-82F (25-28C).

Is it OK to swim in 70 degree water?

According to the World Health Organization, water temperatures ranging from 78 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit are generally comfortable and safe for those engaging in moderate physical activity in a pool. … Conversely, swimming in temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Can you swim in the ocean in December Florida?

After all, it’s still winter. You can certainly swim in Florida in the wintertime. Florida boasts some of the best water temperatures in the continental United States, year-round. But just because you can swim doesn’t mean that the water temperature is going to be warm.

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Is there sharks at Clearwater Beach?

Related: What are the most popular tours in Clearwater? There are sharks, but it is not something to worry about.

Are there alligators in Clearwater Beach?

Yes sir, there are plenty of Gators on Clearwater Beach. However, these Gators are harmless for the most part and have few teeth. They tend to be loud, obnoxious, and highly intoxicated.

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