What county is redondo beach in

Is Redondo Beach a nice area?

Redondo Beach California is a great mid size community along the coast of Los Angeles. There are many restaurants and shops around the neighborhood and a great pier to visit with family and friends. The beaches do not get to crowded, so its easy to go for a nice walk.

Is Redondo Beach expensive?

South Bay living, South Bay prices: Although not as expensive as neighboring Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach, Redondo is still a pricey market. Greg Geilman, the managing director of the Domo Group, an affiliate of RE/MAX Estate Properties, has been living and working in Redondo Beach for a decade.

Is Redondo Beach Rich?

Redondo Beach ranks fifth for the rich and single, city plans for more revitalization. Redondo Beach was recently named one of the top “best places for the rich and single,” by Money Magazine.

Is Redondo Beach a safe place to live?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Redondo Beach is 1 in 41. Based on FBI crime data, Redondo Beach is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to California, Redondo Beach has a crime rate that is higher than 65% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

What’s the prettiest beach in California?

The best beach in California is at the bottom of the list!

  • La Jolla Shores Beach. The San Diego area has many wonderful beaches and La Jolla Shores is near the top. …
  • Santa Monica State Beach. …
  • Coronado Beach. …
  • Carmel City Beach. …
  • Moonstone Beach. …
  • Salt Creek Beach. …
  • Sand Dollar Beach. …
  • McClures Beach.
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What is Redondo Beach known for?

Redondo Beach is a popular vacation spot, famous for beaches, sport fishing, and the huge Redondo Beach Pier. The city is divided roughly into North and South, with the south side housing the tourist areas.

How far is Redondo Beach from LA?

twenty miles

Can you swim at Redondo Beach?

Go for a Swim: You can swim in the ocean, but if you like your water calmer, Seaside Lagoon near the marina offers a saltwater pool surrounded by a sandy, artificial beach.

Why is it called Rat Beach?

Jim points out that Rick would often leave his pet rat on the beach while he surfed. So in honor of their favorite local surfer and his little rat, they decided to call Rick’s favorite spot “Rat Beach.”

Is Torrance a ghetto?

Torrance is far from ghetto. I wouldn’t want to necessarily live on the boundaries by Lomita, Carson, and Gardena, but for the city as a whole, public schools are above average and it’s generally safe. Sure, public schools in areas like Irvine, PV, and Agoura Hills are top notch.

Which is better Hermosa Beach or Manhattan Beach?

If you’re looking for a specific style, this may help: If towns have a personality, Manhattan Beach is the hoity-toity one, with upscale shops and a fancy hotel. Hermosa Beach is the local surfer dude, a little rough around the edges, but friendly.

Is North Redondo safe?

The area is perfectly safe. I have a friend who lives around there. The only drawback to living in North Redondo is some streets are 1 way or the parking is only allowed on 1 side.

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Does Redondo Beach have a curfew?

Warning: If you’re under 18 and it’s after 10 p.m. and you’re in the city of Redondo Beach, you’d better have a good explanation. The curfew ordinance exempts youths who are on their way to or from work or organized school or social activities. …

How far is Redondo Beach from Santa Monica pier?

13 miles

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