Boom beach what to upgrade

What should I upgrade in boom beach?

need an upgrade priority guide

  • Headquarters. As soon as you reach the required XP level to upgrade your headquarters, do it. …
  • Armory. This should be upgraded as soon as the HQ finishes upgrading. …
  • Gunboat. …
  • Sculptor. …
  • Vault. …
  • Landing crafts. …
  • Storages.

How long does it take to max out boom beach?

16 weeks

What is the highest level in boom beach?

If your HQ is destroyed, the attacking enemy wins the fight and can steal your resources. The HQ receives damage whenever one of your base buildings is destroyed. These Headquarters are owned by certain characters.

Headquarters.Dr. T’s HQLt. Hammerman’s HQColonel Gearheart’s HQLevel 1-24Level 1-24Level 1-24

Can you get more builders in boom beach?

You will be able to purchase Extra Builders from the shop once you download Boom Beach’s Optional Update. They will be available for a monthly subscription.

Can you cheat on boom beach?

Boom Beach is an online mobile game, thus cheat codes are not available since it can cause imbalance to the game.

Should you rush in boom beach?

There is no penalty for simply rushing your HQ, but you still have to pay attention to your other buildings. … Basically, upgrading your HQ as soon as you can is never bad, but other buildings will have to upgraded at some point.

What is the best troop in boom beach?

For armies consisting of lower-health units, such as Zookas and Riflemen, defensive buildings should be targeted in this order (with Artillery and/or Barrages), with number one taking the highest precedence: Rocket Launchers, due to high range and splash damage.

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How do you gain experience in boom beach?

You can earn Experience Points by upgrading your buildings or troops in the Armory, or with new construction. Tap on the blue circle in the upper left corner of your screen to see how many Experience Points you have, and how many you need to reach the next level.

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